Thank you for the overwhelming support of our business from people near and far, from our loyal customers in our community to people nationally who have followed our journey through the ups, the downs, the tragedies, the triumphs. 

Because of heat and a lack of resources to develop the infrastructure needed to handle summer shipping, we have shut down the online site. Shipping fine chocolate during the summer is extremely tough and requires extra packaging, cold packs, shippers and staff. We don't have the staff or space.

We know people around the country want to support our business and we can't wait until the fall and winter when we resume shipping. In the mean time, here are ways you can support us:

1) follow our social media on instagram @cocovaa and Facebook;

2) Donate to our efforts to grow our business. As you may have heard, due to a recent federal court ruling, we were denied substantial pandemic relief that would have really assisted us by offsetting our losses from this pandemic. Until the pandemic, we were on an uphill trajectory destined for great success. We were on a path of sustainability and opportunity to bring others with us through job creation as well as uplifting the cacao industry - an industry infected with exploitation. The pandemic knocked us back a few years. Just as devastating as the financial impact is the fatigue factor - which is incalculable. However, as the owner of my business, I'm all in and there's no turning back. So we keep moving forward as best we can. I come from generations of people with incredible resilience so I'm confident that we will long as we don't quit. I will not turn down support and I welcome the opportunity to engage with potential investors, as long as our visions for the future of cacao are aligned.  Thank you once again to everyone who supports our mom-shop!

Syovata K. Edari