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Cacao & Me

Walking away from a 15 year career as a trial lawyer is not easy. Especially as a single mom. I feel like I didn't have a choice as I was relentlessly beckoned by my favorite food: Chocolate. My passion for chocolate, flavor creation, and what had been just a hobby for decades, suddenly turned into a small side business in 2014 after two law firms hired me to handle their holiday gifting. Originally marketing my chocolate to generate referrals for my solo law practice, CocoVaa Chocolatier took off in 2016. What was once my refuge following long days in trial courts has now become my new full time job and an example  to others of the possibilities when you persevere and strive to reach your full potential.

My fascination with the chocolate arts has taken me through a journey of self discovery, as well as to places I thought I would never travel, including L'Hermitage, France in 2016 where I trained at Valrhona. I received professional training through E'cole Chocolat and master chocolatier training in France and at ICAM in Lecco, Italy. After spending time in Paris visiting some of the best chocolatiers in the world, I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grow up - a Tastemaker. That same year, on a small budget, I began planning the design of a small chocolate laboratory. Then, in 2018, I sunk my savings and retirement into the buildout of my first official brick and mortar. 

I've been told I have a knack for "tastemaking."I owe this to my world travels, my family background, and my love of science. Flavor is complex and involves a mixture of sensory input from taste, to smell, to the tactile sensation of the texture of a food in your mouth. I love to create complex combinations that awaken all of the senses perceived during tasting. My chocolates have unique flavor profiles and are very personal to me. Each one tells a story of the travels, the lives, and the experiences of many people besides myself. As I embark on this journey, I seek to satisfy the most primal instinct in us as humans - to eat- by creating a complete sensory symphony of confectionery bliss. I look forward to sharing my journey with you through my creations.


Syovata Edari  

Chocolate Ethics & Alchemy Meet

Mixing, refining, and innovating, I'm committed to providing you with luscious creations made with intentionally sourced ingredients. I use the finest world sourced chocolate couvertures with a preference for single origin chocolates manufactured in the countries of origin thereby keeping a greater share of revenues in those communities. 

My flavor combinations are inspired by my local community but also by my diverse background which includes my father from Kenya, my step father from Iran, my Irish maternal grandmother and Russian maternal grandfather. I seek to introduce you to flavors of the world in a small, unforgettable bite. From saffron infused truffles, or white peach mint caramels, to single origin chocolate mousses, my quest to create the perfect pairings and to bring you the best taste experience will hopefully stimulate all of your senses and feed your soul.

I use the freshest ingredients available without artificial preservatives and source all ingredients locally and ethically where possible. I believe that the best tasting foods are made with ingredients you find close to home.  I'm committed to using only Wisconsin cream and butter and partnering with  local food producers and other makers like myself. If we all do our part to invest in each other, we can create sustainable economies - a mission that's more important than ever.

"The best tasting foods are made with ingredients you find close to home.” 
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