2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards

International Chocolate Salon Awards

Filled Chocolate Category

Gold: Hazelnut Macchiato

Gold: Packaging

Silver: Bolivia Wild Cocoa Old Fashioned

Silver: Coconut Lemongrass

Silver: Moroccan Mint

Silver: Turkish Coffee

Silver: Passionfruit Mango Caramel

Silver: Smoked Maple Caramel

Silver: Fig and Hazelnut

Silver: Lavender Blueberry
Bronze: Salted Caramel #1

Bronze: Sayari Cocoa

Bronze: Madagascar and Port

Bronze: Supermoon

Bronze: Cardamom Pear

Flavored Chocolate Bar Category

Bronze: Rose Bar

Bronze: Black Sesame Bar


Named 2018 International Rising Star

2018 Best Chocolatier & Confectioners in America Award
International Chocolate Salon
San Francisco, USA


6-Star Grand Master
(one of 9 in North America in 2018)

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"Do or do not. There is no try."

- Master Yoda

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