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In only three years of competing internationally, CocoVaa has won several dozen awards from San Francisco to London. Most notable, CocoVaa is the proud winner of 29 awards in the London based Academy of Chocolate Awards (AoC). The AoC is the world's longest running and most prestigious fine chocolate competition. Competing with some of the world's best chocolatiers, in 2018 CocoVaa won 17 awards and was given the coveted title of  International Rising Star - making us one of only a small handful of US nationals to ever make the AoC Roll of Honour Board. In 2019, we went on to win 11 more awards, including 3 gold, giving us a total of 5 gold awards. Then, in 2020, I was honored to be invited as a judge and a grand juror in the AoC. 


My journey into the world of fine chocolate has taken me to heights I previously only dreamed of. The greatest reward for me however, is sharing my dreams with others through our award winning creations.


In 2017  I decided to start entering chocolate competitions. I was still practicing law full time. I took a chance and entered the International Chocolate Salon. I didn't think I would win anything. Click here and find out how we did.

2017 Awards

In 2018, I decided to enter the world's most prestigious chocolate competition. Competing with some of the best in the world, I didn't have high expectations of winning. I entered 17 items in the hopes of winning maybe one bronze award. Click below to find out how we did.

2018 Awards

In 2019, we entered the Academy of Chocolate Awards again. That year we entered 11 items. It was a difficult year because we had just completed the build out of our first brick and mortar. I almost didn't enter. Click below and find out how we did.

2019 Awards
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