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Delivery Within 25 Mile Radius From Our Shop at 1815 East Washington Ave, 53704

We continue to learn new information as we watch the movement of COVID-19 globally and the international community's response. We have sought advice from our colleagues in the chocolate and pastry industry in Italy who are ahead of where we are in the US and have seen, first hand, the devastating impact of what has been declared a global pandemic. After careful thought, we have moved to a delivery only service. We don't want to encourage people to leave their dwellings to get an indulgence that's, frankly, not a necessity. My son and I have not left our home since we closed our shop Sunday. We have minimal contact with people even when our shop was opened. We are, so far, healthy. We have stopped accepting deliveries at our shop and have sequestered ourselves as much as possible. We will resume our production tomorrow, but have decided to offer a delivery only service.  

Our business and others will suffer when this concludes, but we can't in good conscience, encourage people to leave their homes to get chocolate when every expert in the world is recommending quarantine. 

Thank you,